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Student Stories


The first day I came to Canada with my two daughters was during the winter of January 2005. When I came I didn't speak any English neither could I write. I hadn’t even been to school in Chad when I was younger.

The next month, I decided that I wanted to learn English so I joined Magma. When I first went there it was very hard to have conversations with people and I was very shy.

After a year of going to Magma I finally started to get out of my comfort zone and I started to have small conversations with the teachers. It was starting to get easier to speak.


In September 2006, I had my baby boy and I stayed home and stopped going to Magma because ever since then I became a busy mom.

In 2011 I had my baby boy Jalan. The next year, I applied for a learning program and I met with Marilyn. Once she started teaching me, we started by learning the alphabet and by the end of the year we finished learning them. Marilyn was one of my most generous caring, giving teachers and she really helped a lot.

In 2013 I joined the English Community Adult Learning Program on Hildegard Street in a church and my first teacher there was Tania Killam. She was a great teacher too, because she taught me a lot of new things. For example, she was the teacher who taught me how to read and write sentences, but unfortunately, she moved away and I changed classes also.

In 2014 I started in a new class and my new teacher was and still is Angela Berthelot. She is a very encouraging and helpful teacher. Ever since I started her class I became much more comfortable. She helped a lot with my English and mathematics and I finally got on the same level as everyone else in the class and that motivated me to learn more; all that with the help of Angela.

In 2016, school has helped in my life a lot. Since I started school, I am capable of speaking to new people and having long conversations and school has also helped me reach the point of me getting a job. Today I still go to school part time and I will never let go and I could never thank my teachers enough for the help because all this help has gone a long way. 

I would also like to thank my husband for supporting me for all these years until I got a job.

Special thank you to: 

Marilyn Lancaster
Tania Killam 
Angela Berthelot 
Gordon Rattray

To everyone who has a dream of going to school and learning to speak, read, and write don't give up because it will happen and it's never too late.

–Fatime Brahim