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We All Have a Story To Tell

We all have a story to tell, but it’s not about the pages written so far but the ones yet to come. We all come from somewhere, and that somewhere we can leave but it will never fully leave us. We can blame all the wrongs that have been done to us and just not care anymore. This generation has been so fast growing with so many changes.

I am a mother of three amazing children. We live in Moncton and are so grateful for what we have now and where we came from with some really great help along the way. I had a rough childhood I had my mom and two brothers who were twins with my stepdad and mom. After the twins were born things slowly changed for me. I felt so alone in the one place you should always feel safe and welcomed. My home was not home, and after my dad had finished his two years at NBCC for avionics he was offered work in many different places. My mom and I never got along, she had me sent in foster homes I would try and run away from home everyday. She wasn’t your sweet loving mother, I never told her about boy friends or my girl friends or even school. As I grew she found a way to push me away so much I needed to be set on my own path.


At fourteen years old I left home and my family moved to Nova Scotia where my dad found work in his field. At fourteen with no parents you could live your life like one big party or be responsible, respect yourself and know yourself worth. I had many easy ways to make money but I worked at Burger King and A&W at the same time to pay for my bills. I had so much taken from me and over time my dreams of going further in life started to fade away year after year. I had three amazing kids I got to raise and I am so blessed with everything I have had with them, but I always wanted better for them better life then I had. When they were old enough for school I always told myself I’ll go back to school as well and become a Hairstylist and Beauty consultant.

I always loved helping and giving back when I had the opportunity. I had a short experience with Mary Kay and I loved seeing the women so happy but at the end I had to convince them to purchase my products. I felt bad sales is not what I want to do I felt like I was presenting more for the sales then the people. As time goes by and I get a new Carrier Manager and my whole life changes for the better. It is now my turn to return back to school and to find myself again after seven years as a home mom I was so nervous going back into the world.

So before starting classes to do GED upgrading I was sent to do a class first. It was a life skills set class and as that finished my new future begun. I got a great teacher through the CALC program and I had nothing in my head. I had difficulty learning and keeping multiplication and many other things that I now know. From being so young and an adult now returning back to classes and learning better and more efficiently than I ever could of dreamed of. I had a meeting with my Case Manager we were discussing future schooling and we were on the Hairdresser path because I set my bar low and thought “that’s even too much I can never make that” so I never set myself up for anything else.

Then I am in this meeting going back and forth on how I want to help people give back and be a good citizen to my city. As we go back and forth and the topic of being a registered nurse came up and never ever did I think that would even be a possibility for me. He told me to finish schooling the whole GED classes, so after the test are completed and I receive my certificate of my GED completion I can start my next journey.

Through every day and week or month there have been struggles and times where I just wanted to quit. Those hard days are the days worth fighting for I look at my three kids and I remind myself that they are watching and observing they know it’s hard and they help so much they could make this a lot harder. The kids like that I am in school and it shows them just how important school is. I have pushed through and will continue no matter what comes next I’ll be ready to figure out what to do and all the rest like I always do.

When you want something bad enough there is nothing that should ever stand in your way you are your biggest wall break it down a little and except some change. When I did I met some really great people and I continue to do so as well because I am far from done, but I do know I’ll be ready for anything and I owe it to my Teacher in my GED class. Also my case manager who helped get me in to these amazing programs I think everyone could benefit from. Only if the real intention to learn and grow is there than you will grow too. There is always a way to find out how to get involved or be a part of one of these programs and help change yourself and the direction your going. These places have great people and support with in their walls everyone will feel welcomed it’s in ourselves that the hardest step begin is when we take the first one.

—Amy Almskog